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  • 14K White Gold Earring

    14K White Gold Earring

    PeJay Creations
    Ashley Boutique Collection
    14K White Gold Earring
    Prong Setting
    164 diamonds = 1.90ct.

  • Feather Earrings

    14kt Feather Earrings

    H. Weiss
    14kt yellow gold special finish 0.26ct dtw 60mm x 22mm feather earring.

  • Allison-Kaufman - 14KT Gold Earrings

    14KT Gold Earrings

    14KT Gold Earrings
    Pink | White Semi-Precious Stones: 6.55 ct
    w/ .19ctw Diamonds

  • WHITE ORCHID Mother of Pearl Earring

    Mother of Pearl Earrings

    WHITE ORCHID Mother of Pearl Earring
    18K RGE D78=.62 WT/WMP=7.89
    Incredible, iridescent reflections and luster of white mother of pearl are front and center.